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Helium Hotspots are small devices powered by ultra-secure blockchain technology that you place in your home or business. Each hotspot has a 1 to 3 mile signal range, making them perfect for connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices like bracelets for elderly populations and collars pets use to keep track on their location; this also makes it possible connect logistics trackers so they can send back data regarding packages being delivered nearby – not just when something happens but proactively warning drivers about upcoming obstacles too far ahead!

The device is hosted either privately at someone’s residence as well if there isn’t enough space available within the building itself ,or publicly through our proprietary network called Helium the peoples network!

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The People’s Network is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever.

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Issues Frequently Asked

How do I receive my monthly payment?2021-11-12T22:13:33+00:00

We send out monthly payments to our hosts via PayPal on the first Monday of every month. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one for free. PayPal can be connected to your regular bank account if you prefer to move your earnings.

Is this device stealing my internet data?2021-11-20T04:00:39+00:00

Our hotspots do not connect to any devices on your home or business network other than the WiFi router that is used to connect our device to your network and the internet. The devices that connect to our hotspot outside your home or business (pet collars, eScooters, tracking tiles, etc.) use encrypted secure data to send signals back to the their control centers via your internet connection. None of your information or any information about your network is transmitted during this process.

Additionally, for peace-of-mind, if your wireless router has a Guest WiFi feature, you can enable guest WiFi and allow our hotspot to connect via this guest WiFi network, rather than your main WiFi network. This would keep our hotspot separate from your other devices. This guest network simply allows access to the internet, and not your private local area network (LAN).

How does installation work?2021-11-20T03:58:13+00:00

Once you are selected to become a host, we will set up a time with you to install our hotspot. Installation typically takes about 15 minutes. The process is very similar to connecting any other device to your WiFi network, such as a computer or phone. You will be required to enter your WiFi password into our installer’s set up device (our installers never see your password, and there is no way to retrieve the password from the device.) Once our device is connected to your network, we will do a few system checks to make sure we can see the new hostpot in our system. You can then move the hotspot to any location in your home  near a window so external devices (pet collars, eScooters, tracking tiles, etc.) can connect to it.

What do I need to have to host a hotspot?2021-11-20T03:41:03+00:00

Today, Hotspots use 50GB of data or more per month. An upcoming software release called ‘Light Hotspots’ will be available by Q1 2022 that reduces this number to less than 1GB per month.

The Hotspot uses data to:

  • maintain a view of the global Helium Network by sharing blocks on the peer to peer network
  • send and receive data packets for sensors that are in range and using your piece of the Helium Network
Does an installer have to come inside my home?2021-11-20T03:43:12+00:00

As long as there is a power source/outlet and WiFi signal available in the immediate area outside your home, the installer does not have to come inside to complete the set up and installation of our hotspots. Once the device installation is complete, you can move the device anywhere in your home near a window, with WiFi access and a power outlet available.

Are there any special requirements to host a hotspot?2021-11-20T03:45:14+00:00

Yes. All hotspot hosts are expected to allow our hotspots to be powered on and connected to their WiFi network 24 hours a day, every day. Payments will be pro-rated based on the following schedule:


90% to 100% days in month connected 75% to 89% days in month connected 50% to 74% days in month connected 25% to 49% days in month connected 0% to 24% days in month connected
100% of monthly payment 75% of monthly payment 50% of monthly payment 25% of monthly payment 0% of monthly payment


After 2 consecutive months of 50% or less days connected, we will work with our host to address connectivity issues. 3 continuous months of 50% or less connectivity will result in the cancellation of the hotspot hosting arrangement and we will take back the hotspot device.

Where can I download the mobile app for connecting my HELIUM Hotspot?2021-11-20T03:51:23+00:00

You can download the iOS or Android version of our app using the links below.

Helium miner will not sync to blockchain.2021-11-20T03:35:11+00:00

Setup my 4th miner at my aunts house and connected it to the internet. Checked to see in diagnostics that inbound and outbound connections were not working and miner was not syncing. Troubleshooted and open end the correct ports but still nothing. Brought it back to my house where I already have a miner setup and still no luck. Same screen pops up. The only thing I think that could have caused it is I asserted the location by the house’s address instead of in the garage where the miner was held about 400 feet away.

Is this a long-term commitment? Are there hidden fees?2021-11-20T03:53:56+00:00

No, you can cancel the hosting agreement with Heliumexchange at any time. Also, there are no hidden fees from Heliumexchange, and there is no penalty or fees of any kind to cancel.


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